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Drone Photography For Real Estate

Real estate marketing is one of the most difficult things to do in business today. The competition is plentiful and fierce. Much of the competitive challenge is because online listings generate most of the leads. The search for property today usually begins with an online search.

Prescott Drone Solutions for Real Estate Marketing and Sales in Prescott

Enter the Drone for Real Estate Marketing

Because of the flurry of online activity in the real estate market, differentiating property listings and land for sale through high-quality photography and video is often highly profitable. The latest marketing tool in real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography and video tours to bring life to online listings.

Some real estate agents will tell you that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since internet marketing began. This is not hard to understand. Using flying cameras, real estate photographers are producing local sweeping and dazzling images and videos of landscapes, mountain and ocean scenes along with seamless fly-arounds of beautiful home exteriors.

Drones are on the cutting age of real estate marketing.

Imagine a video zooming in to a property from 200 feet in the air, highlighting the details of a large, gorgeous and expensive property in exciting form, then flying quickly two feet above a driveway right up to the front door.

Glidecams, the ground-based cousins of drones, are being used to tour the inside of a home, creating a flowing motion, whole-house tour in ultra HD with special effects and video editing that can rival a Hollywood movie.

This capability of drone technology is also useful for site selection. Aerial photography and videos provide you with a fuller understanding of a location. Drone data can also provide information that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to find, such as how traffic typically flows in and out of the area. And the information is easy to interpret, because it is all visual: right before your eyes!

Let Prescott Drone Solutions show you how drones can revolutionize and help you grow your real estate business, contact us today!

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